Robotics workshop program is a uniquely designed program by IoTiam.  This  program is aims to  stimulates their young brains to engage themselves practically understand latest technology around them. With IoTiam Robotics workshop program, students will have the opportunity to expand their imagination, exercise their creativity and develop new technical skills!

Why robotics should be taught to school children?

There is considerable anecdotal evidence that students who learn and explore robotics, will do well in science and maths as they experience the academic concepts practically. By introducing robotics at schooling level, we let the students run wild with the practical applications of their maths and science concepts. Here are few more reasons to get your kid to robotics workshop:

  • Children find it fun
  • Highly effective way of introducing logical thinking
  • Provides skills useful for future education/employment
  • Demystifies complex technology


What will students learn at Robotics workshop ?

What kids will learn
Students will start experiencing scientific principles applications to real life situations. They will build confidence and start cultivating perfect teamwork through preparing their robots at workshop. Their knowledge in science and mathematics will go to the next level through hands-on experience and problem solving skills.